Stretching the limits with innovative products

Stretching the limits with innovative products

At 3 House Chemicals, we’re committed to individual customer satisfaction, achieved by clearly understanding the customer’s needs and fulfilling them through continuous improvement of our products and services.

This means listening to their needs, and constantly developing new materials and processes that will help turn the most innovative ideas into reality.

Whether it’s working together to create innovative products  for a customer’s specific applications, or simply finding better ways to use current products, we’re pushing industry limits to add value to our customers’ businesses.  To see for yourself, visit the products area of this website to learn more about our broad selection of specialty chemicals and own products.

The people of 3 House Chemicals are proud to be a trusted source for creative solutions, a partner in progress to our clients and a leading producer and supplier of specialty chemicals.

Product safety

Every 3 House Chemical product has a Material Safety Data Sheet, and nearly all of them are available from our Material Safety Data Sheets & Product Finder (coming soon).


Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, or 'REACH', ensures risks associated with chemical substances are managed consistently throughout the European Union (EU).