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Castor Oil (No 1, Special Grade, Pharmaceutical, Blown and Dehydrated)

Castor Oil Derivatives (Hydrogenated castor oil, 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid)

Sebacic Acid, Dibutyl Sebacate, Dioctyl Sebacate & Dimethyl Sebacate

Vegetable oil, olive oil, palm oil, modified oil, construction oil,

Process oils, lubricants, special fluids

Calcium formiat, Calciumcarbonate, etc.

Pigments, Iron oxide, E- numbers

Fumed Silica, Microsilica, Tio2, Zeolith, Air entrainers, Anti-Dust

Quartz, Kaolin, Feldspar, Wollastonite and mica

Cellulose (CMC, EC, HEC, HPC, HPMC and MC)

High Performance Water Based Dispersions for adhesive and coating solutions

Long oil alkyd resin, (used in solvent based formulations which require the addition of water in order to drop the VOC´s to required levels).

Vinyl acetate polymer dispersion in water, Acetic acid, ethenyl ester, homopolymer

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